Hiking to Underground River – Located just a few minutes from the resort, the park offers two trails to the Underground River. A permit must be secured before entering the Park (contact our staff who will gladly do it for you). The shorter of the two is the Monkey Trail (approx.3kms); the other is the Jungle Trail (approx. 4kms). Both will take you through dense forest and past beach coves on a series of wooden steps and bridges. You will get to see the forest undergrowth and a wide variety of exotic flora and fauna, like macaques (monkeys) and large Monitor Lizards.
Outrigger – Banca rides can be secured at Sabang’s tourism center. These leave every hour or more frequently depending on number of passengers) and will take you directly to the entrance of the Underground River (about P700 good for 6 people). It’s about a 20mn boat ride from Sabang pier. Once there, you will board smaller paddleboats to visit the cave itself. The complete trip lasts about one and a half to two hours.
Explore Sabang Beach – Because of its length and interesting layout, the beach itself offers plenty to do aside from swimming. You can follow the sand all the way to the other side of the bay to the Park’s entrance. A river system provides a cool, fresh water oasis in which to swim and where you can help extend the pristine mangrove forest by planting your very own trees.
Mangrove Tour – Located in the Park’s buffer zone, you can secure a pass and be guided deep into the mangrove forest on a paddleboat. It’s a great and rare opportunity to see a pristine mangrove with all the species it harbors. The tour lasts about 30-45mns and the guides are well informed and always ready to answer your questions.
Walk around Sabang fishing village Although quite small, Sabang proper offers visitors several little stores to stock up on essentials and various souvenir stalls where you can purchase local products and t-shirts.
Beach swimming – The shallow sandy bottom makes it an ideal place to swim and enjoy body board surfing. The waves become stronger and livelier as the season moves from wet to dry (November to March) when the winds blow from offshore, generating excitement for locals and visitors alike. Its sheer size and seclusion means there’s always plenty of room for everyone.
Pool swimming – If you want a break from the beach, why not take a dip in our 18 x 12m pool (60ft x 40ft). Located near the back of the resort to ensure privacy and surrounded by comfortable lounging chairs, you’ll feel completely at home.
Kayaking on sabang beach
Kayaking -  Paddle in one of the resort's kayaks and get a new perspective of the beach and its surrounding coves. Between sea and sky, you'll get a perfect view of the National Park and its magnificent rock formations. 
DVD Library – For those wanting to cocoon inside for a few hours, there’s always the opportunity to watch your favorite DVD in the privacy from our movie collection of your own room.
Dining – Our restaurant and bars will be happy to serve you throughout the day. And there’s always your mini fridge to turn to!
Doing Nothing – No vacation would be entirely complete without the sensation of having done absolutely nothing – or very little – at least for a short while.